Bored with the usual Stag do or Hen do ideas? Looking for something different? Working to a tight budget? Then look no further... you have found it!

Stag and Hen Treasure Hunts

For a great social day with a large element of competition - our unique Stag and Hen Treasure Hunts are the complete antidote to paintballing, shopping, abseiling, glamming up, karting, quads ... and the rest.

Our Stag and Hen Treasure and Scavenger Hunts are available for you in any Scottish location ... Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Banchory, Perth and Sterling are our most popular. We also offer a range of UK and European Cities, how do London, Paris or Barcelona grab you? Or perhaps you fancy Rome, Lisbon or Berlin - it's entirely up to you, you choose the location and we will write a Treasure Hunt especially for you.

Our Treasure Hunts have no set route, so you can choose to start and finish anywhere within your chosen town or city. Let us have a Photo or two plus the name of the Stag or Hen and we will personalise the packs for you, we will also add challenges or tasks at your request provided they are legal! For example, one hen habitually paid for drinks with her small change so one of the tasks for her hunt involved a lot of small change ...

So waste no time, contact us to discuss your exact requirements NOW!

Treasure Hunts

A treasure hunt motivates everyone as the teams stay together for the duration of the event and there is always something to be doing. After having planned the most efficient route round the city, your teams must work together to answer the clues, which range from really easy to really obscure. Then there are the silly photographs, tasks and shopping lists to add even more of a fun element.

We offer managed or self-managed stag or hen treasure hunts. Our DIY version is available for just £150 and includes four sets of Treasure Hunt clues (customised of course for your bride or groom to be), one set of answers in a sealed envelope and a full set of instructions on how to run the event.

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How does the Aberdeen Treasure Hunt Work?

Your Aberdeen treasure hunt or scavenger hunt has factual, fun and amusing clues that will make you groan when you work out the answer - then there is a 'shopping' list and a word quiz, as well as photographs to take thus keeping all team members busy.

There are more clues and photo challenges than can possibly be completed in the time available so participants will not run out of things to do.

Teams need to be back on time to mark the Aberdeen treasure hunt or risk losing points for every minute late. The marking session is great fun with teams marking their own results under the watchful eye of another team member. The marking sessions are always good entertainment with plenty of banter and tension as teams watch their results unfold.

Marking of the smartphone or tablet Aberdeen treasure hunt is automatic but each team has no idea of the scores of the other teams until all is revealed at the finish venue. Clues can be answered or skipped but you can't return to them. Hints are available for the clues if needed but at a points cost.

Your Scavenger or Treasure hunt can be written with start and finish locations to suit your event and the photo tasks ensure that you have a lasting memory of your day.

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