The Versatile Aberdeen Treasure Hunt

If you are looking to plan an event, whether it be team building, corporate entertainment, a stag or hen event, a birthday party, a large corporate event or just a casual gathering, we can arrange it all.

Our most popular event by far is the Aberdeen Treasure Hunt. Why? Because it is fun, dynamic and totally inclusive. Everyone is involved!

Team Building in Aberdeen

We are in the business of improving productivity of companies like yours. We achieve this by helping you to build effective teams. To build an effective team needs the right atmosphere and engaging activities. The Aberdeen treasure hunt delivers both in one simple package.

Does your current team building really give you those?

To win the day's treasure will require teamwork, communication, lateral thinking, problem solving and negotiating skills - all key skills required by a dynamic and successful team.

Team Building by Stealth

Staff are notorious for detesting team building away days. They expect either touchy-feely activities or barrel and plank exercises in the rain!

Team building only works when staff are relaxed and receptive. Which is exactly the atmosphere created by the Aberdeen treasure hunt. Away from the office and with an engaging activity - perfect!

The treasure hunt is team building brought into the 21st century.

You can sit back knowing the company's team building budget has been well spent

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How does the Aberdeen Treasure Hunt Work?

Your Aberdeen treasure hunt or scavenger hunt has factual, fun and amusing clues that will make you groan when you work out the answer - then there is a 'shopping' list and a word quiz, as well as photographs to take thus keeping all team members busy.

There are more clues and photo challenges than can possibly be completed in the time available so participants will not run out of things to do.

Teams need to be back on time to mark the Aberdeen treasure hunt or risk losing points for every minute late. The marking session is great fun with teams marking their own results under the watchful eye of another team member, but the organiser's decision is final (unless swayed by a bottle of red wine!). The marking sessions are always good entertainment with plenty of banter and tension as teams watch their results unfold.

Marking of the smartphone or tablet Aberdeen treasure hunt is automatic but each team has no idea of the scores of the other teams until all is revealed at the finish venue. Clues can be answered or skipped but you can't return to them. Hints are available for the clues if needed but at a points cost.

Your Scavenger or Treasure hunt can be written with start and finish locations to suit your event and the photo tasks ensure that you have a lasting memory of your day.

Answering the clues and winning the day's treasure requires good communication, teamwork and plenty of creative thinking.

Aberdeen Treasure Hunt - Features and Benefits

Fully customised. We don't just add your company name to the bottom of the page. Your treasure hunt can have clues and tasks specific to your company or industry. Your benefit? It is a relevant and engaging team building event.

Flexible. Use the treasure hunt whenever you want during your event. Shorten it. Lengthen it. It's up to you. The benefit is that if things are running late or something finishes early, it simply won't matter.

No set route. Other providers have a set route. We don't. Teams will meet during the event so it is still fun and sociable making it memorable for the right reasons.

Options. You can choose from a wide variety of options - managed, DIY, traditional paper version, smartphone or tablet treasure hunt to suit your company ethos.

Designed to develop workplace skills. All teams will need to use a range of skills - negotiation, planning, initiative, lateral thinking, time management and of course communication. Your treasure hunt can be a corporate event or team building or both rolled into one! The benefit to you is that your staff will not even realise that this is teambuilding.

Shopping list and word game. Traditional team building and corporate events involve a lot of waiting around. Not so with the treasure hunt - everyone is fully involved from start to finish. No more bored staff complaining about the dead time during the event.

Depth. There are more clues than can be answered in the time available. Teams need to plan which areas they can visit adding variety and interest to the event. This means that the event you have organised will be engaging from the word go.

Created by Specialists. We only do treasure hunts. Experience counts and ensures you receive a top quality event. We are contracted by other corporate entertainment and team building companies to write and deliver their treasure hunts. You can benefit from our experience and rest easy that once you have ordered your Aberdeen treasure hunt, it will be professionally prepared.

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